Sunday, May 5, 2013

My First Beauty Treats Box (April Edition) ♥

Well, today I'm back with another (late) post about beauty box.
Ughh I feel like a bad blogger, seriously! Please forgive meeee ;___;
So.. I subscribe a beauty box from Beauty Treats Indonesia just for a month in last April, I was very curious to try it because I think this is the most affordable beauty box than other beauty boxes that available in Indonesia. And I received this beauty box
on last 19th April when I was in Bali island with my schoolmates.

As you can see on the pic above, it was tied with a pretty pink ribbon. It looks so cute, right?? Actually.. the black box itself looks quite simple, but still elegant with a logo of Beauty Treats ^^

I was quite surprised when I found a hand-written card from them. I don't know why, but it feels more personal for me~

And I found some beauty vouchers and brochures inside the box, tied with a black ribbon as well. But for me.. errr it looks a bit messy, so I highly suggest to put them into an envelope. (≧д≦)

Some beauty vouchers and brochures that I got.
I also got a little book from Beauty Treats that explained about all of the products inside the box, and also some beauty tips~

And here are the products that I got from their April Edition Box 

Omo I got so many products inside the box that I paid only for IDR 95.000!
Yeah, I got more than I paid yay!! And the happiest thing is.. I also got some full-size products instead of samples woohoo XD

Orlane Whitening Cream
Deluxe sample size: 3ml | Real size: 30ml | Price: IDR 900.000

Orlane Whitening Lotion
Deluxe sample size: 3ml | Real size: 100ml | Price: IDR 560.000

Menard Beauness Toner
Deluxe sample size: 10ml | Real size: 160ml | Price: IDR 720.500

L'Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream
Deluxe sample size: 6ml | Real size: 200ml | Price: IDR 550.000

L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Eye Balm
Deluxe sample size: 1ml | Real size: 15ml | Price: IDR 520.000

L'Occitane Volumizing Shampoo
Deluxe sample size: 6ml | Real size: 300ml | Price: IDR 280.000

L'Occitane Volumizing Conditioner
Deluxe sample size: 6ml | Real size: 250ml | Price: IDR 265.000

L'Occitane Pivoine Flora Hand Cream
Deluxe sample size: 10ml | Real size: 30ml | Price: IDR 120.000

Perfumies Solid Perfume Stick (#Sex On The Peach)
Real size | Price: USD 7.00

Lioele Princess Nail Color (#06)
Real size | Price: IDR 70.000

D'Eyeko Olga Lydia Lashes (#Party Queen)
Real size | Price: IDR 50.000

Masami Shouko Blotting Paper
Real size | Price: IDR -

Masami Shouko Black Round Cleaning Sponge
Real size | Price: IDR 23.900

Make Up For Ever Premium Mirror
Real size | Price: IDR -

Skin79 Gold BB Cream
Sachet | Real size: 15gr | Price: IDR 178.000

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with their first beauty box because they gave us some full-size products, though unfortunately they also gave us some samples in sachet packaging ughh >_< Actually I'd be more happy if they gave me more makeup than skincare products, considering I've written that I prefer makeup in my beauty profile on their website, but it's okay la~

And I also have a good news! For the subscription of Beauty Treats, now you can choose between Gold edition box or Platinum edition box .
Gold (affordable local & international brands):
Start from IDR 95.000 / month

Platinum (local & international higher end brands):
Start from IDR 135.000 / month
If you're interested to subsribe, just click here for more information!

And don't forget to support them:
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day, girls ^^

See ya~ 


  1. well, sepertinya memang yg paling murah dr sm beauty box ya beauty treats ya! pengen sih, tp ragu nnti dpt yg nggak sebanding sm harganya..

    1. iya emang paling murah ini hehe
      menurut aku sih lumayan sebanding kok isi boxnya, kalo masih ragu2 mungkin bisa coba subscribe utk 1 bulan aja dulu biar gak ngerasa rugi2 banget :)

  2. ditunggu reviewnya yg may box ya...

    1. waduhh maaf aku gak subscribe yg may box, soalnya ini aku cuma subscribe 1 bln (utk april aja), trs pas aku mau subscribe yg may, ternyata aku telat soalnya udah sold out semua >_<

  3. the orlane products seems pretty interesting ^_~

    1. Actually I've tried their samples and they're pretty good, but their full-size products are quite expensive for me >_<

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