Sunday, January 6, 2013

Review: KKCenterHK Gill Radiant Medium Curly Full Bangs Wig

Hello everyone~!
Ughh my holiday for 2 weeks had passed, it means I'll go back to school tomorrow *sigh~ And today I'll update this blog with some new posts.. because I think from tomorrow until next April, I will not have too much time for blogging before I finish my final exams (perhaps only in weekends). Sorry, but hope you understand. (≧д≦)

So.. last month, KKCenterHK kindly sent me a synthetic wig. Umm actually this is my first wig tee-hee~ And I chose Gill Radiant Medium Curly Full Bangs Wigs in number #4, because it looks so unique! ( ̄∀ ̄)
FYI, they provide 6 colors in this type to choose..

Well.. if you've followed my Instagram, I'm sure you've seen some pictures of me with this wig~  Yeah, I'd never be willing to cut my real long hair lol (≧▽≦)

And here's a close up pic, so you can see the real color~

Well, the color of this wig is almost same with my real hair color. It's dark brown.. almost black, but it's changed a bit in different lighting.
Now I regret why I chose this color ughhhh?! (*´Д`)=з


Outdoor~ (under the sunlight)

I must admit that this wig doesn't look so real, but it also doesn't look too fake. I hope you understand what I mean lol (≧▽≦).
But it's very smooth, not stiff and easy to maintain~

How it looks from the front~

How it looks from the side~

This wig is very convenient to use and it's super light~ But to be honest, I couldn't bear to use this wig for a long time (max only for about 4 hours), because it was very very HOT inside! It makes my head feel dizzy!! Σ(~∀~||;)

So.. what do you think, girls??
I think this wig looks more better than my real hair lol (≧▽≦)

I had planned to use it for school, but no no.. I changed my mind! It's not funny if my classmates realize that it's a wig, right? Okay, actually I don't mind if they know that it's a wig, but I'm afraid if they pull it off in the class mehh~ ( T Д T )
I guess it's better for me to use it for hangout when I have a bad hair day! Actually in this holiday, I use it almost everyday for selcas.. I don't know why, but I think I looks cute in the pics with this wig lol *slapped* (≧▽≦)

 Love :
✩ The style of this wig is so unique and cute.
 Easy and fast to use.
✩ Very smooth and not stiff.
✩ It's very light and comfortable.

 Hate :
✩ It was SUPER HOT inside!

 Overall rating : 4/5 : 

If you're interested to try this wig, just CLICK HERE for more information,
and don't forget to use my code "lalalovelystar" to get 10% discount for all items! (Valid until January 31st 2013)
Don't worry, they also provide tons of other affordable wig collections~

Disclaimer: This wig was sent to me by, but I'm not being paid to do this review. This review is 100% pure my own opinion!

So.. Do you love to use a wig, girls? And does the short hair suits me??

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day ^^

See ya~ 


  1. baru aja la aku nanya km d twitter, trnyata ud km review tohh.. hahahah xD
    bagus d km :D

    1. wakakak iya itu pake wig ce, gak mungkin rambut asliku bisa sebagus itu soalnya tipe rambutku ngembang hiks T__T

  2. I think it looks good on you. It somehow makes you look like a grown-up which is perfect for certain important occasions. I do not however suggest that you use it frequently or for a long time because it can really make you feel dizzy from the heat. :)

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